Our Story

BussellSprouts is a family team, focused on creating the best tasting cheese alternatives for everyone, even selective cheese lovers. Every person that tries our Oh So Simple Cashew Spread, loves it and comes back for more. We love our returning customers and hearing their positive feedback. Our goal is to:

  •  Be Sustainable
  •  Use Quality Local and Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
  •  Be 100% Organic

When Joe and Mandi first met, they would have cheese and bread picnics. They would seek out new varieties of cheese and ways to use it in their everyday cooking. They loved cheese so much that cheese stewards knew them by name and kept ‘cheese cards’ for them, cards with a list of your favorite cheeses.

Little did they know that their first child would suffer a major cheese allergy. Over the years they have worked on finding ways to keep their favorite food dishes in their diet without sacrificing “cheese”. One night, they enjoyed a dish at a potluck that used cashew cheese. They knew they had to learn more about this amazing nut cheese. This year, they succeeded in their goal. Joe never hesitated to taste every batch of the cashew cheeze spread Mandi made with a very critical pallet. Now, they enjoy pizza, lasagna, and enchiladas with cashew cheese spread.

Now, they can share their love of Oh So Simple Cashew Spread with you!

Spring 2013 Brochure